What can redispersible polymer powder do in dry mix mortar?

Redispersible polymer powder is a powder dispersion formed by spray drying of modified polymer EVA/VAE emulsion.

It has good dispersibility. It can still be re-emulsified into a stable polymer emulsion after adding water. Its chemical properties are exactly the same as the initial lotion.

Therefore, in order to make it possible to produce high-quality dry mixed mortar and improve the performance of mortar, today we will talk about the applications of Redispersed polymer powder.

Redispersible polymer powder is an essential functional admixture for dry mix mortar, which can improve the high performance of mortar, the bonding strength of mortar and various substrates, the flexibility, tensile strength, compressive strength, bending strength, wear resistance, toughness, adhesion, water holding capacity and processability.


What can redispersible polymer powder do in dry mix mortar?


Masonry mortar and plaster

RDP provides a mortar with good impermeability, high water retention and frost resistance and high bonding strength, which can solve the problems such as cracking and penetration of mortar.

RDP KD 6033N as a neutral type, can be widely used in masonry mortar and plaster.


What can redispersible polymer powder do in dry mix mortar?


Self-leveling mortar

RDP in self-leveling mortar can improve the strength, cohesion, adhesion and wear resistance of the material. It can bring excellent rheology, constructability and best self sliding performance to the flooring.

If you are in the self-leveling mortar industry, KD 6111L can provide you the best solution.


Tile adhesive

As a tile caulking agent, RDP offers a good adhesion, good water retention, long opening time, flexibility, anti sagging, and good freeze-thaw resistance. It can bring a thin layer with high adhesion, high resistance to sliding and good construction workability.

RDP KD 6002N can perfectly substitute Vinnapas 5010N, be used in tile adhesive, wall putty, skim coat...


What can redispersible polymer powder do in dry mix mortar?


Waterproofing mortar

The RDP of waterproofing mortar enhance the bonding strength for all different substrates, reduce the dynamic modulus of elasticity, increase water retention and reduces water penetration. It provides a sealing system with hydrophobicity and waterproof functional requirements for products with high flexibility, high weather resistance and high waterproof technical requirements, and has a lasting effect.

In addition, redispersible polymer powder with hydrophobicity (like KD 6031H) can have good waterproofing mortar.

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