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Looking for empty glue bottles? 

This is a very convenient and economical way to store plastic bottles for liquid or creams to save space in the cosmetic container. Use these empty glue bottles. Great for storing and dispensing liquids, hobby crafts, etc. At the same time, this is a good container for the home use, saving much space and you can easily fill refill from the storage containers without having to take up the bottles. The clear plastic can be reused and refilled with other liquid glue bottles, making it easy to dispense from the bottle contents, helping you to get used at any time. Empty glue bottles for eyelash art. This bottles can be reused for a long time. The round bottle jar can use for cosmetic creams and skin care products, small jewelry, and other liquid cosmetic containers to save space and time. It is very easy to carry and convenient to store. What's more, the clear plastic can go into bottles and containers with a lid cap. Convenient to use. Small, exquisite, can save space inside the bottles. In the meantime, bottles for lip glosses, dispensing lip balm, etc.


Lechan Packaging - Manufacturer of Empty Glue Bottles

As a glue bottles manufacturer, Lechan Packaging provides various empty glue bottles, plastic glue bottles and PET plastic glue bottle with best row PE materials, quality control and cheap wholesale price, we also provide custom service for customers from worldwide. We have our own professional before&after sales teams, if you have any questions on empty bottles​, please feel free to contact us at any time. Lechan Packaging is always ready for your inquiries!



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