Take You to Understand Pall Ring in 5 Minutes!

Pall ring is one kind of random packings, it is a new type of packing adjusted from  Raschig ring. There are 3 types of raw materials: metallic, ceramic and plastic.

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What are the characteristics of Pall ring packing?

There are four main advantages of Pall ring packing: low resistance, high flux, high elasticity of operation and high separation efficiency. The excellent characteristics of different materials of Pall rings are discussed below respectively.


Metal rings

Metal Pall ring packing is a tower packing made of carbon steel, stainless steel and combination gold by taking stamping and forming. The upper and lower layers of the ring wall are each provided with five window holes, with the upper and lower window holes positioned in a staggered manner, and the punched tongue is bent directly towards the centre of the ring in the shape of a blade.


Metal rings


Metal Pall ring packing not only has the general characteristics of large flux, low resistance and good separation effect, but also has the advantages of lower pressure, excellent overall versatility, good anti-scaling, thin wall and non-breakable, cold and heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and long life due to the characteristics of the metal material itself.


Ceramic rings

The production process of ceramic Pall rings is complex, starting with the screening of the raw materials in the recipe, ball milling and grinding of the raw materials (clay minerals such as kaolin, caustic clay, jewel clay), flitering the resulting slurry under pressure into a slurry block, put into the equipment for cleaning and forming under vacuum conditions, and finally put into the drying chamber for high temperature sintering.


Ceramic rings


Pall rings made of ceramic have excellent acid resistance, heat resistance and oxidation resistance. They are resistant to all kinds of inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents except hydrofluoric acid, and can be used at high or low temperatures, and have low manufacturing costs.


Plastic rings


Plastic rings


The plastic Pall ring packing is mainly produced in seven steps: mixing of raw materials, moulding treatment, demoulding, sintering, stamping, beating and cutting of the finished product, which is light in weight, unbreakable, heat resistant and chemically resistant.


Uses of Pall ring packing.


Pall ring packing has a very wide range of application.

Metal Pall ring packing is suitable for vacuum distillation tower, carbon dioxide degassing tower, dealing with allergic, easy to decompose, easy to tighten, easy to carbonize materials, suitable for carbon dioxide degassing tower, ozone contact reaction tower, etc. as contact packing and other reaction towers, metal Bauer ring packing is widely used in the packing tower of petrochemical, fertilizer, chemical, environmental protection and other industries.


Ceramic Pall ring packing can be used in various packing towers such as drying towers, absorption towers, cooling towers, washing towers, distillation towers, atmospheric pressure towers, synthesis towers, catalytic towers, regeneration towers and spray towers in chemical, metallurgical, coking, sulfuric acid, oxygen production and water treatment industries.


Plastic Pall ring packing is widely used in the packing towers of petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, gas, environmental protection and other pending industries.



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