The Main Functions Of Calcium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate

CDBS, short for calcium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, is a white or light yellow powder or flaky solid. It is not volatile, but easily soluble in water and becomes a translucent solution. It has stable hard water properties to alkalis and dilute acids. It is usually used as an anionic surfactant.

According to the physical and chemical properties, calcium dodecylbenzene sulfonate has three main functions.



calcium dodecylbenzene sulfonate is a yellow oily substance that can form strong lamellar crystals in hexagonal or rhombic shapes. It is slightly toxic and has been recognized by international safety organizations as a safe chemical material.
calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate can be used for cleaning fruits and dishes. It is used in detergents with branched chain structure (ABS) and straight chain structure (LAS). The branched structure is less biodegradable and CDBS can cause environmental pollution.
CDBS has a significant effect on particulate soiling, protein soiling and oil soiling. Best for cleaning particulate soiling on natural fibers. the detergency of SDBS increases with temperature. It is better than nonionic surfactants for protein fouling.

However, CDBS has two disadvantages, one is poor hard water resistance, and the detergency decreases with the hardness of the water. Therefore, the detergent must be used together with a suitable chelating mixture. Second, the decreasing ability is too strong. It is irritating to the skin when hand washing.
In recent years, calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate is often used with nonionic surfactants such as fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether (AEO) for better washing effect. The main use of calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate is to manufacture various detergents.


The Main Functions of Calcium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate



Emulsifier is a substance that raises the surface tension between the components in an emulsion to form a stable dispersion or emulsion. Its molecules have hydrophilic and lipophilic groups.
They aggregate at the oil/water boundary. They also lower the interfacial tension and lower the energy required to form an emulsion, thus increasing the energy of the emulsion.
As an anionic surfactant, calcium dodecylbenzene sulfonate has good surface activity and strong hydrophilicity. And it effectively reduces the tension of oil-water surface to emulsification.
Therefore, calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate has been widely used in the preparation of cosmetics, food, printing and dyeing auxiliaries and pesticides.


Antistatic agent

All objects carry electrostatic charges. The charge can be negative or positive. The accumulation of electrostatic charges can affect our life or industrial production. Chemicals used to direct and eliminate harmful charges are called antistatic agents. Calcium dodecylbenzene sulfonate has a conductive function.
Therefore, it can eliminate static electricity in time and reduce the danger and inconvenience caused by static electricity.
Calcium dodecylbenzene sulfonate products are widely used. In addition to several functions mentioned above, CDBS can also be used as refining agent for cotton fabrics and textile desizing agent.
It is used as resin dispersant, felt detergent and deinking agent in paper industry. It is used as penetrating degreasing agent in leather industry. Used as anti-adhesive agent in fertilizer industry. Used in cement industry as outgassing agent or alone or together with components.


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